What are the steps to take prior to applying for a divorce

When unfortunately a relationship has ended, people come to us to discuss initiating a divorce. This is an important element of our Family Law services.

If you are initiating a divorce, prior to applying, there are some steps you must take.

Step one: Understand and meet the criteria for divorce

Citizens information provides the criteria that must be met in order to apply for a dicirce in Ireland. These are as follows:

  1. You and your spouse must live apart from one another for at least 2 out of the previous 3 years before you can apply for divorce.
  2. Either you or your spouse are living permanently in Ireland when the application has been made or have lived at least 1 year in Ireland prior to the application.
  3. No reasonable possibility of a reconciliation.
  4. Proper arrangements have been made to look after the spouse, children and relatives

You can find more information on criteria at Citizens Information 

Step two: Hire a solicitor

Once you have reviewed and assessed that you meet these criteria you can start talking to a solicitor. While not a legal requirement, in particular circumstances it is advisable to hire a solicitor when dissolving a marriage through divorce.

Step three: Mediation

This is an important step in the divorce process to set in place terms of agreement. It ensures that your requirements and needs are heard and addressed.

If required your solicitor can represent you at mediation. You can declare that they can represent you and your interests throughout the mediation process.


When you are starting your divorce proceedings you can talk to Newpark Law Solicitors and Grace Solicitors LLP. We will provide you confidential and compassionate legal services whether you are applying for a contested or uncontested divorce.