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Making a will: Our clients’ questions

Wills are one of the most important services that solicitors provide. Some people may feel that writing a Will is unsettling or intimidating as a result they put it off. However, writing your Will can provide you with significant peace of mind. To remove the concerns around writing a Will, here are three of the […]

Buying a new home – What is the role of your solicitor?

When you embark on buying a new home, the process may seem very daunting. This is particularly true for first-time Buyers. Your home is one of the most important purchases of your life and for many people they buy one forever home. Therefore they may not realise the various legal requirements involved. A solicitor’s role […]

What are the steps to take prior to applying for a divorce

When unfortunately a relationship has ended, people come to us to discuss initiating a divorce. This is an important element of our Family Law services. If you are initiating a divorce, prior to applying, there are some steps you must take. Step one: Understand and meet the criteria for divorce Citizens information provides the criteria […]