Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy is effective as and from the 3rd January 2023.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer and managed by a web browser upon the request of a website.  This information is downloaded to your computer or mobile device each time you visit our website.  Cookies allow us to understand how our website is being used by visitors, allows you to navigate the websites pages as well as remembering your preferences to overall improve your browsing experience.  Cookies are also used to establish what other products and services are relevant or of interest to you.  Please note that cookies are managed by a web browser and therefore if you view our site on one device and move to another the cookies will not move with you.  Each web browser and device used by you will have its own set of cookies and therefore may vary on different web browsers and devices.

How we use Cookies

The cookies we use are essential for you to be able to use our website effectively.  They are necessary for optimum performance, functionality and security.

Your Cookie Choices

You can control the cookies your web browser allows through the “Browser’s Preference”. Through the Cookie Banner Pop-Up on our website, you can “Accept” or “Block” our website cookies.  However, please remember that most if not all the cookies we use are essential/necessary in order for our website to work.

Downloaded Cookies

If you have downloaded cookies in the past, you can delete these existing cookies from your browser.  Please note that unless cookies are deleted, they will remain on that browser until such time as they expire (as set out above).  Once a cookie is disabled it will no longer gather information.  However, information that was gathered while the cookie was active may still be used.

As previously stated, cookies are browser and device specific and therefore you will need to set your cookie preferences on each web browser and/or device separately.

Changes to Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to make material changes to our Cookie Policy when we see fit.  We will state within this policy the date in which the last update was made.